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CeeCee Photography

My Style & Approach

My style is naturally romantic, not overly posed, just natural, true love.

I capture real love and moments as they happen.

Capturing real moments means quietly watching from afar to get those naturally intimate moments; those first little kisses as a married couple, the looks of ‘we did it’. That’s where being a bit of a quiet introvert comes in handy, I blend into the background just enough that you relax enough to forget there’s even a camera present!

Every photographer has their own secret recipe to make their images stand out from the crowd. This is one of the main things that sets us apart from one another and is something that you'll need to decide on when choosing who to photograph your big day.

Costa Hot Chocolate . Penguins . Romantic Movies . My Business. Family & Friends. The Colour Green. Jason Mraz.

Taking Pretty Photos . Making Memories. 


These are a few of my favourite things... 

Have a flick through to see some before and afters of how I choose to edit my images. I have a studio photography background so I like things to be clean but also true to life. I will happily spend hours editing out bruises, fly away hairs, unsightly objects in the background etc because every photo that I take is worth the love and attention that I can provide. As for the colours, it is no click of a 'filter' it is a bunch of tweaks that I have created to give all of my images a consistent, rich and beautiful vibe. 

My dog, CeeCee

Believe it or not, the business came before the dog. I wasn't too keen on naming it after me and so I decided to name it 'CeeCee Photography' which is what my mum wanted to call me when I was born. 

Airedale terrier

My husband, Orges
We  got married in 2019 and had a celebration in both Holt, Norfolk and his home country, Albania. Both were absolutely unforgettable. I wish I could throw a wedding every single year! 

boy and girl couple photoshoot


I have mastered the art of keeping my succulents alive and 

they honestly bring me so much joy.


If you've read this far, then come say hey! 

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